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With this ring I thee Wed!

Congratulations on your Engagement!

I am so excited for you both! One of the most important steps in planning your wedding is finding the right Justice of The Peace or Minister. For a quick immediate ceremony or planning your ceremony a year from now. I will help you from start to finish to help you on your new life's journey.

My goal is to make your wedding day a very special day. A day that you will remember for the rest of your lives, Small or large, in a Park or in a Castle, it's your special day and I want you to be smiling with happiness when you walk down the aisle.

As a Justice of The Peace I focus on providing you a high quality service and satisfaction.

I will do everything I can to meet your expectations from coordinating rehearsals and helping to plan your beautiful wedding day, along with you both and family if so desire.

With a wide variety of ceremonies offerings to choose from, I am sure you will be happy working with me and creating a ceremony that leaves everlasting happiness in your hearts.

Take a Look at Our Gallery


Quick same day Ceremonies, will travel to your home or venue. Also Gazebo available along with local area parks. (travel fee may apply)

Traditional Ceremonies 

 Most popular Traditional Ceremonies with Traditional Vows. Religious or Non Religious can even arrange Some Religion. 

Unity Candle Ceremonies

Unity Candle Ceremonies usually work best indoors than outside. However it can work in a tent.  It is a very beautiful ceremony in which two family members light the taper candles and the couple will lite the large main candle from the tapers to form one family. 

Unity Sand Ceremonies

 Unity Sand Ceremonies is a great Blended family ceremony or just with a couple. Each color of sand represents the person individually and once poured into a larger container along with other colored sand it creates a keepsake and becomes as one family. It creates some pretty designs of love.  

Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfasting Ceremonies is the wrapping of the couples hands at the wrist with six different colors each having a meaning. It's where the term "tying the Knot" began and is quite common with some couples.

LBGTQ Ceremonies

Rainbow Ceremonies for our Couples with their unique vows written specifically to their liking and creative Ceremonies. 

Renew of Vows Ceremonies

This Ceremony is for Couples who wish to renew their vows whether one year or a hundred years.  Beautiful words are said in this Ceremony.

Wine in a box Ceremonies

This Ceremony the Couples writes a letter about why they love each other with out their spouse knowing what is said. They place the letter in the Wine box which holds a bottle of Wine and two glasses. On there first anniversary they open up the wine box. They read the letters and drink the wine and celebrate their Anniversary. 

Rose Ceremonies

This Ceremony the Couples give each other a Red Rose as their first gift to each other. Every year on their Anniversary they give each other a Rose for each Anniversary they add one more.  

Planting a Tree Ceremonies

This Ceremony the couple will plant a tree of their choice in a large plant pot and move dirt over the roots to plant the tree in a ceremony. when they go home they plant the tree in their yard. It's a wonderful Garden wedding.  

Canvas painting Ceremonies

If you like to paint this is the Ceremony maybe for you. The couple pours paint a color of their choice on a canvas that is standing in an easel. Once dried it can hang on your wall. It's great for blending the family too.  

More  Ceremonies to Choose

If you have a Wedding Ceremony of your creative ways than I can plan that as well. I have several idea's and I am willing to work with you to create your personal Wedding Ceremony


I will​ go Above and beyond to make your dreams come true!

we start with composing of your Wedding vows, yours or mine in a creative professional way. We work together with other members of your Wedding party and rehearse if needed until everyone feels comfortable about what they are to be doing on the wedding day.  You will receive a Personal Keepsake Marriage Certificate for your personal use to frame, put in a scrap book or bible.  I handle your Marriage License while you are away on your Honeymoon and help you with name changes when you return. I have Wedding Officiates that work with me in case of emergency or if I am booked I will refer you to one of my associates so you can relax and not worry.  I can help recommend a  photographer and a DJ who will offer you a discount , make up and hair stylist. Bakery and a Florist. At reasonable affordable prices.  Will travel to your home (mileage may apply)

Call or text today and book and secure your Wedding Day today! 603-494-7586

Writing of your vows creative and professional

Coordinate rehearsal and wedding planning

keepsake Marriage Certificate

Will travel to your home or mine and of course


Reasonable affordable rates and packages.

 JP and Minister Associates


Simple Floral Bouquets available by creative artist.

For more information please contact me

Beautiful Affordable Pictures by our Photographer.

For more information please contact me 

Affordable Wedding Planner

Decoration ideas or DJ.

For more information please contact me

Carol Siebert Weddings

PO Box 458, Merrimack N. H.


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